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The Ultimate

Parent Success Program

10-week Parent Coaching with Ting Valdez

Program Breakdown

Week 1 - Making Peace With Your Parenting Past: A lot of our beliefs, behaviours, values and how we parent come from the ways in which we were raised. We will look with gentleness and curiosity at your past and how it might be influencing your parenting style.

Week 2 - Your Quantum Mindshift as A Parent: This week we will explore any limiting beliefs from your past and work together to let go of anything that isn't serving you or your family.

Week 3 - Brain Science And Emotional Intelligence: In the last two decades, we've learned a lot more about how the human brain learns and develops. This week we will be exploring tools you can use to manage stress and rewire your brain in joy. We will also discuss the importance of emotional intelligence for the present moment and for you and your child's future.

Week 4 - Forgiveness And Parenting: This week we will discuss the power of forgiveness. Are you holding onto any past or present hurts that you would like to release? Forgiveness helps you clear away any unconscious residue from the past and step fully into a new way of parenting.

Week 5 - Empowered Conversations: This week we will talk about the power of language. Are there people in your life (including your children) you would like to connect more deeply with? Having an empowered conversation is the first step towards getting your needs met, as well as the needs of the other person/people.

Week 6 - Integration And Practice Of A New Mindset: By this week should already have been noticing profound shifts in the way you are thinking, feeling and acting and the positive impact this has on your and your family. This week we will reinforce all of the learning up to this point in the programme.

Week 7 - Establishing Boundaries: This is an area parents find most challenging. How do we establish boundaries and stick to them? What if our children don't want to listen to us? We will explore how to set a firm, healthy foundation based on your own values and beliefs.

Week 8 - Exploring Anger: It is easy to get triggered by our children's words or behaviours, which can lead to us shouting at them or getting angry. Anger is a normal human emotion which is worthy of further examination this week.

Week 9 - Playful Parenting: This week we will talk about the power of play and stories in your parenting. Both can be really powerful mediums for learning, growth and exploring feelings.

Week 10 - Your Personal Transformation: This week we celebrate all that you've learned. Having a child is one of the greatest paths to personal transformation that we have, and by week ten you will have experienced profound shifts in many areas of your life.


Personal One-on-One Coaching

Tailored exclusively to you and your family

This is an individualized and personal session created for You and your family to engage in a 10-week program towards parenting success.

What to expect from One-on-One Coaching

In 10 Weeks, you can personally experience the process of transformation that fosters deep connection, cooperation and peace of mind between you and your child.

In addition to 10 weekly one-hour sessions with me, you will have access to various digital files that will help you in your journey. The program also includes lessons to gain insights, questionnaires to reflect on, and audios to listen to. There are meditations as well. Everything you need to reach your successful parenting goals!


Join one of my small coaching groups where we meet an hour together for 10 weeks. This is the same program as the one-on-one coaching but with a small group of fellow parents who are going through the same struggles as you.

Get support from me and other parents in your group and engage in a 10 week group program.


10 group coaching sessions and private group discussion space.

Note: Group sessions require a minimum of 5 participants

and a maximum of 8

What to expect from Group Coaching?

If you prefer to learn the PFIO parenting tools as a group, you can join our 10-week group programme. The programme includes: a 30 minute individual welcome call, 10 group sessions (meeting once a week online), group discussions,  lessons to gain insights, questionnaires to reflect on, and audios to listen to. There are meditations as well. Everything you need to reach your successful parenting goals!

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