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Parenting from Inside Out

Here at Parenting from Inside Out (PFIO), we help parents become the best they can be. We know you want to be a loving, peaceful parent that has a meaningful connected relationship with your children.

In order to do that, you need to find a way to reimagine and reestablish a different kind of relationship with your kids.


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The problem is that

the traditional “power-over”

model of parenting

isn’t working.

Which makes you feel like you’re going to spend the rest of your life struggling with your children and continue to feel like you’re just not doing a good job as a parent.

We believe that the real issue is that we’re not taught how to be the kind of parents most of us long to be so we end up slipping into the patterns that were ingrained in us in our own childhoods.

About your parenting coach

Ting Valdez

I’m Ting Valdez, and I became a parenting coach because I was completely committed to having a different kind of relationship with my daughter than my parents had with me. Once I understood how possible it was to build a relationship with children based on mutual trust, understanding, and care, I became deeply passionate about supporting other parents in this life-changing work.


None of us start off as parents knowing what to do. We create plans, try to be the people we want to be, and watch as our idealistic imaginings get run over by the reality of daily life and the immense pressures of caring for our kids. I believe all children deserve to be guided and loved by the best version each of us has to offer them, as parents. 

I understand how hard it is to ask yourself as a parent. This is why when you contact me, you will be met with understanding, a non-judgemental openness, and a supportive, personalized, effective plan that I will personally guide you through every step of the way.


Notable Traits & Achievements

  • A children's advocate

  • Main teacher for a kindergarten inclusion class for almost 10 years

  • Worked as a full-time woman minister for a Christian church. She counseled and mentored students, single women, and married couples.

  • Teacher/tutor of young children both mainstream and kids with special needs

  • Director for Wellness Program for Adonais Mercy House

  • Diploma graduate of Special Needs Management and Child Psychology

  • Graduated and earned certification from JAI Institute for Parenting as a parenting coach

Thank you for being here!

In depth about Ting



Mindlessly Mindful

Anyone can draw through Guided Art Meditation! Our hope is that you will come out of this experience feeling relaxed and empowered. Meditative art through the  Zentangle® method founded by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas is based on the the idea that "Anything is possible one stroke at a time".


Adonais Mercy House

in 2015 with one simple goal: to help impoverished children in the Philippines who are sick from cancer and other childhood diseases to have a better way to cope with these horrible conditions, and to see all the children enjoy life to the uttermost until they are called home.

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