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Learn To Enjoy And Celebrate Your Success By Overcoming Imposter Syndrome 


Do You Feel Like A Fraud? 


If you have ever felt like your success has been a fluke, that you somehow “lucked out” or that you didn’t deserve it… you might be suffering from Imposter Syndrome. 


Imposter Syndrome: starts with a feeling of anxiety. It's a hint of unease that you don't know what you're doing. It's a worry you're in over your head and everyone in the world already knows it, or if not, is about to find out.  


It's a sick sense of everything about to collapse around you, as though everything you've ever done is nothing more than a house of cards waiting to fall. 


Current thought shows at least 70% of people will experience Imposter Syndrome at some point in their lifetimes, with this number climbing still higher, mostly due to the impact of social media upon our lives.  


Can You Relate? 


If you have experienced any of what has been described above, you may be directly sabotaging your own success. Your own self image could very well be the one thing holding you back from what you truly want in life. 


Take a moment to ponder the following questions… 


  • Do you feel like you got where you are today only because of connections or other people giving you a hand up? 

  • Do you think people praise you only because they’re being polite or have to for some reason? 

  • Do you tell people you faked it when you do receive praise? 

  • Do you think you faked it and somehow accomplished what you did? 

  • Do you minimize your input, as though you’re not sure of what you’re saying even though you are? 

  • Do you feel like other people have it easier than you? 

  • Do you frequently look for validation from others? 

  • Does the idea of success scare you? 


The more times you answered YES: the more likely it is that you are suffering from Imposter Syndrome.  


If so, then you have already taken the first step towards overcoming what is holding you back from your ultimate goals and aspirations. You’ve identified the problem! 


Now, it’s time to deal with it. 

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