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Self-Care Strategies That Will Transform Your Life


All too often we’re busy. Stressed. There’s just too much going on in the day and we’re already short on time. We’re not as fine as we like to pretend we are. If we’re honest, we’re probably not spending as much time on ourselves as we ought to. In short, we’re neglecting self-care.


WHEN SELF-CARE SUFFERS Self-Care Fundamentals / Self-Care Strategies That Will Transform Your Life•You’re sick more often. •Your quality of work suffers. •You feel overwhelmed. •You wake up tired, even after a full night of sleep. •You forget what you're about to say. •You miss deadlines. •You find yourself isolating and avoiding social situations. •You're cranky or feel “off.”•You snap at people. •Simple tasks seem to take a lot of effort.

Self Care Fundamentals eBook

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